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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Yesterday was our 21st Wedding Anniversary. 21 years! My mom always told me, "it will be weird, but you will reach a point where you will have been married for half of your life." I reached that point two years ago!
Last night we went out to eat with Reece after work, just because it was easier than working something out since he was with us anyway. I asked him to sit at another table so his dad and I could look into each other's eyes, but he wasn't going for that for some reason! We will go out together just the two of us another night.

Our weird anniversary tradition until this year has been to eat pizza in the living room with the kids! I know, totally weird! But when Christa Joy was 2 years old we lived in Australia and had plans to go out and eat for our anniversary, dropping CJ off at a sitter on the way. Unfortunately, the car would not start so we ended up ordering pizza in and ate on a blanket in the living room floor, with CJ climbing all over us and enjoying the little celebration. We decided it was a lovely thing to celebrate the fruits of our marriage (our children) and we have done this most every year since (not always on the floor!) and then we go out on another night for our special evening just the two of us.

Last night we came home, tired, and went out for a little jetski ride and Reecie had a swim in the lake. Then we settled in and Ward was looking at jetski forums and I was on my laptop chatting at the Guardian Peas fund-raiser event. I looked at Ward and said, "we are two old married people!" Content to be together even if we're doing different things. I would ask him occasional trivia questions from the chats and he would occasionally comment on whatever he was looking at online. Contentment and satisfaction in the shared companionship of best friends!

I love you, Ward!

Credits for the page above:
The quote on this page comes from an American Greetings card Ward gave me for Valentine's Day this year. I cried when I read it and had to read it over and over again!

It reads:
I love you! When?
When I hear you laugh
When we share a secret
When your eyes sparkle
When we’re just us
When we don’t have to talk
When you remember
When I watch you sleeping
When I don’t have to explain

When you walk into the room
When we are in a crowd
When I’m by myself
When you’re just being you
When you make me giggle
When I hear your heart beat
When you reach for me
Even when you’re not looking

That's when I love you!

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AmyK said...

Beautiful page. Your journaling is fantastic, I love all the sentiments and the fonts you used. :)

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