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Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'm just feeling sad right now and needed to put my thoughts down in words. My friend, Debbee, is in the final stages of her battle with leukemia. She is not expected to make it through the day today. She is in the hospital in Atlanta and I was planning to go see her on Monday.


How I long to be with you today. I am sorry that I didn't spend more time with you. I wish we had drank a lot more coffee together and, yes, even eaten a lot more donuts together!

You never failed to flash me your gorgeous smile. I love that about you, that even in the midst of great hardship and pain, you chose to have joy.

There were things you wanted to do before you go. It doesn't look like you will get to do those things, but, honey, when you see Jesus that is going to make up for anything you think you might have missed. You will finally get to meet your bridegroom, as He awaits you with open arms. He was your life's love and now you get to be together for eternity.

I know that heavenly group greeting you will be far grander than any Vegas show. Hey, there are voices there that are going to be greater than Celine (and you might have an even better seat to see her show)!

Your family will miss you so much and so will your church family. I don't think anything made you happier than sitting in the choir on Sunday, and it always made me happier to see you sitting there.

Your exuberant, youthful spirit made me feel younger whenever I was with you. If I didn't see you in the hall after Sunday School, I felt like my Sunday was missing something! Thanks for all those back row hugs. All the times you took a moment to squeeze my shoulder and say, "I love you, honey!"

Thank you, Debbee, for the many years of friendship, the countless smiles and the love you poured out on me.

I love you, honey!


Angie said...

What a sincere and touching note to your friend. So sorry for the loss. hope you find comfort in the memories that you shared and that you were lucky to have a friend to touch your life in the way she did, even if it wasn't physically for a long time. You sound like an awesome friend, so don't worry too much on the quantity of time you spent together, but focus on the quality. Take Care ;)

Lois Rich said...

Dearest Bretta, I saw this for the first time today after an unrelated Google search sparked my interest. Your words are so kind and thoughtful and I couldn't agree more. And your depiction of Deb's bridegroom awaiting her with open arms is probably the most compelling sentiment I have ever heard, knowing Deb so intimately. Thank you for your friendship over the years and for your kindness. You are a Blessing, through and through.


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