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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Had my doctor's checkup on Monday. It was great fun to have him come in the room grinning ear-to-ear and come over to give me a big hug. He had checked my chart before coming in and saw I lost 38 pounds. Said it made his week start out perfectly to have someone come in who actually listened to what he told them to do. Yay! I have to go back in four months. He said whatever I am doing, keep doing it!

I'm feeling weird-ish this week. Difficulty concentrating...kinda dreamy. Hard to explain. Tired of being away from home every day as we are opening our new spa store. My eating has been strange...eaten out as a family a lot this week as we are always out! I've not done great, but not terrible either. Followed the doctor's eating advice, but not 100% raw like I like to be. Probably at 75-80% though right now, which isn't bad and according to the internet still makes me a "raw foodist" Maybe I'm feeling weirdish because I'm not eating all raw like I was.

Still waiting for my wheatgrass juicer. Started a new batch of seeds this morning and hopefully I'll have enough grown by the time it gets here. I'm not the type who likes to let something new sit and savor the anticipation of using it. I want to open it, rip into it, and use it NOW!

I MUST get back to exercising regularly. Today is the first day I've made an effort, although I did play volleyball with the youth group last night (boy, was I sore this morning!!). Today I stood at the spa store counter and walked/marched in place for at least 20 minutes while I surfed the internet. Hey, it looks weird, but at least I was moving.

I'm longing for Jesus. I know, kind of a random thought to type, but I just feel such a longing to get closer to him lately. I'm looking for those moments when I can snatch a quick prayer and praise to HIM.

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