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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fabric = Work!

I'm quite excited that I have now purchased the fabric to recover my outdoor chairs...4 chaise lounges and 6 regular chairs! You know what that means, Sharon...playing at the lake again!! We were looking at $400 or more to replace the cushions, then I got to thinking that I could do it myself and save lots of money! So I "won" an auction on ebay and then "won" two more that coordinated with the first as I needed 18+ yards of fabric. I still think it is funny sometimes that we "win" an auction, because it is not free like the gift I WON at a chat yesterday. So here is the fabric:
I love it and although it doesn't LOOK like the green matches perfect they are from the same product line, so I'm just chalking it up to the picture lighting. We'll see! Oh, and I WAS able to save a LOT! Considering this fabric retails for $30/yard I think I did pretty good...I bought 21+ yards and my total was $150 including shipping, so the rest of my savings will be sweat equity!

And here is another layout I've done for your viewing pleasure...0kay, really for my viewing pleasure! I think it was the second or third layout I created.

Blue background paper is from Robin Cabana's Seriously Blue. Other elements are from Michelle Coleman's Boho Chic, except for the blue doodles (my own brush design)

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