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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Odd, but I felt like a truck ran over me this morning, not sick, just exhausted for some reason. I'm drinking lots of water this morning to get rid of that sluggish feeling.

Watched the season finale of "24" last night (taped)...not bad! I told Ward earlier that I like how 24 doesn't leave you hanging between seasons, like if you didn't watch it next season it wouldn't matter. But they surprised me last night and left us hanging! Ah, the suspense! Looking forward to the Lost finale tomorrow (I know it's tonight, but I will watch it tomorrow on since we don't have cable.)

Another layout done previously.
Credits: All items from Fhung Lie's Ztampf! kits
Fonts used are PS Purkage and Worstveld Sling

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