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Monday, May 29, 2006

We had a lovely day yesterday. Had Reece's birthday lunch at my parents. Every month we get together at my mom & dad's house to celebrate one person's birthday. If you are the only family member with a birthday that month then it is your day and you chose the theme for the meal which we all contribute to. If there is more than one birthday that month then one person gets that month and someone else gets a month when we don't have any birthdays. Generally, after we eat and the guys stretch out for a little bit to rub their bellies and catch a few winks, the adults gather in the dining room for a few rounds of dominoes. We call it "slapping bones" and play Mexican Train style with our own variations and house rules. Sometimes we throw in a card game (Rook, Skip-Bo, Phase 10). We eat more, visit and stay as late as dad's next work day schedule permits. If he's off then we stay late but we usually leave by 9-10 if he is working the next day.

Reece requested spaghetti with huge meatballs. I didn't take a picture, but we are having leftovers tonight, so maybe I'll get a pic then...these were 3 oz. meatballs each! Everyone said they were excellent and I tasted one so I have to agree! I'm still as raw as able, so I stuck to salad and then fruit salad later. Yummy!

Lots of good digi scrapbooking sales this week and some nice freebies floating around as well. I scored some nice Photoshop actions from Atomic Cupcake over the weekend, so really looking forward to playing with those. Shopping for some Ram today for my's sooooo slow when using PS 7 and I think I'll be able to install PSCS2 (which I already have) once I give my RAM a boost. Woohoo!

Another layout...

Perfectly Imperfect stitches & Chip Strip Alpha from Gina Miller
Papers from Michelle Coleman's Color Happy Collection
Hearts &
Swirls are scans of my kitchen cabinet knobs :)
Font is Worstveld Sling

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