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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I just went back and edited my last post. I had vented about something distasteful that had happened over the weekend. My 16 yo son came in after I finished my post and said, "Mom, you should delete that because it will keep reminding you of it and it will keep bugging you instead of you being able to 'forgive and forget'." Well spoken, son, I'm so proud of you! It just took me two days to get around to deleting the bad stuff in my post.

Today I'm going to get more cleaning done. It's frustrating having a small house sometimes, especially when it is full of packrats. We have a hard time letting "stuff" go. I personally always feel like I'm drowning in PAPER. I can't even think about working outside yet when the inside is looking so bad.

Another layout...I like this one a lot!

Kit Used: Sweet Shoppe - A Day to Remember Kit
Elements/Extras: Gina Miller Yarn Circles, Ztampf! Spring Sprey
Fonts: Retro Rock Poster, Unnamed Melody, Scrap Cursive, Garamond, the Blue Cabin, SM_recussionism

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