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Thursday, June 01, 2006


I just won this fabulous collection from one of my favorite designers! Scrapbook-bytes hosted a chat with Gina Miller - I answered a trivia question correctly first and won this. You can see the collection (or buy it) here.

Now I definitely have enough scrapping material to keep me busy for a long time without buying a thing! Okay, maybe a font or two... ;o)

My fabric for my outdoor furniture arrived today...unfortunately the greens do NOT match. I thought they didn't clash badly but Ward disagrees (that's why I buy kits for scrapbooking, I'm terrible with colors). So now I need to find more black, more stripey or pink as I don't think the make the green for this line. But, they do make a cute dotty one that matches... Maybe I'll find some cheap!

Less than three weeks till our mission trip to Mexico. Only Tyler (my 16yo) and I are going with 19 other youth group members/chaperones. It should be a great time. Gonna' have to get a couple more chiro treatments on my back/neck so hopefully I won't have too much trouble while I'm gone.

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