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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


That's slacker!

Let's see. CJ had her appt. at dentist yesterday as a follow-up to having her wisdom teeth out ten days ago. She did fabulously with the whole thing. Almost no swelling and just mild discomfort most of the time. Covered in every time :o)

Don't ask me why, but Ward is on a Napoleon Dynamite kick. I think it has to do with one of the kid's new KJ-52 cds, as there is a hilarious ND song on it. So, I had to BUY ND yesterday and tonight we are having a (family) party with tater tots and quesadillas (cause they fit the movie theme, gosh) and a side salad (because it's healthy).

I got the RAM for my computer today and my dad helped me install it after he got off work. It's running great and the best part is CS2 is in the final stages of installation at this very moment! Woohoo!!!

Christa Joy and my dad are preparing for a 10 day hike on the Appalachian Trail this September. They are spending money on supplies like's almost comical to watch them. They can't see each other without talking about their trip. They estimate the trip will cost them $1000 a piece in supplies, well...the backpack was $160, the shoes $90, the tent $190, the experience they will share...PRICELESS!!! Grandfather & CJ...joined at the heartstrings!

I'm not real happy with this recent layout, but not sure exactly why. I'll probably end up redoing it but for now, it's staying like it is!

PS 7
Blizzard Papers by Rachel Dickson
Black Dress paper from Birthday Blitz by Gina Miller
Red Paper from Desert Window by Dianne Rigdon

Fonts: Worstveld Sling, Garamond, Papyrus, Scrap Happy, Minion, SP Purkage, Times New Roman, Sandals

Kim Hill's Torn Paper Edge template

And another more recent layout of my brother:

Christy Sturm Army of One Kit
Chipboard Basics by Amanda Rockwell
Sketch Your Life by Lilach Oren

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