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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

nope, no title

Just don't want a title today! So there!

I had a huge post typed up a couple of days ago and blogger kept eating my posts. I'm thinking it might be better to type a post in notepad and then just cut and paste here, but what am I doing? Typing directly into blogger. Dipstick!

Still fighting the battle to return to eating raw completely. I'm thinking about joining Raw Food Boot Camp for the accountability and such, but can't decide if that's what I need to do or not. Ward says he will do it with me and be accountable to each other, but I'm not so sure. We are too easy and forgiving with one another. And, try though he does, he doesn't stick to something long when we try to revise our eating habits. I tried to explain to him this morning when he said, "can I still drink sweet iced tea?" that the changes are just until we lose the weight we need to lose, then we can start incorporating things we miss back into our lives. I think a mindset of "this is just for now, for this season" helps. Anyway...

Monitor blues. My dear six year old 19" monitor is biting the dust. It has been flickering for a couple of weeks now and last week it just quit. However, plugged it back in night before last and it worked again, only to quit again last night. It works again this morning. I guess it's just getting tired. So, now I will need a new monitor. Bummer, 'cause I was hoping to get a Wacom Intuos tablet soon...maybe I better sell some of my junk on ebay.

Okay, and it's weird that my monitor came back on after I thought it was dead, as I recently plugged in my laptop after six months of believing it was dead and it booted up! It works great as long as the a/c cord is in just the right spot. It has a short in the back of the laptop where it plugs in. AND my Sony digicamera that has not been working for six months or so is now working again! Totally weird, but GOOD weird.

Here's a layout I did about my granddad. I was really pleased with how it turned out!

Journaling reads: There were so many things about you that I loved ~ Your smile ~ How you would put on your engineer's cap, then set up the train set and play with us ~ How you patiently would take the fish off the hooks after I caught them ~ Your deep soft laugh ~ Playing Uno with you until 2 am ~ How you would say “I’m pretty” when someone asked how you were ~ Your kindness ~ How you never let the fact that you only had one hand slow you down or keep you from doing anything ~ The way you loved to work with wood ~ Your pleasant gait ~ Your pride in your family ~ Your easy-going attitude ~ How you pushed us in the tire swing on the "granddaddy tree" ~The way you loved me ~

This layout was completed for Gina Miller's sketch challenge at SBB.
A Quiet Love kit by Nancie Rowe Janitz
Michelle Coleman's Graphic Brushes
Ali Folendore Torn Alpha
Melany Violette Pretty Petals Freebie
Gina Miller Note This

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