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Thursday, July 13, 2006

She's Here!

Yay! My niece arrived from Hawaii yesterday and she is so sweet! There was quite a bit of nervousness on all our parts..."will she like us?" "will she think we are totally weird (we are)?" "will she hate our tiny little town compared to the big city where she lives?" But she is just precious and sweet. Lovely personality and easy-going!
Lots of fun things planned while she is here. Having her belated 18th birthday party this Saturday (I guess it could be a belated 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. party since we've never had one with her!). I'm crying now just thinking of how glad we are to have her with us...

I've determined this morning to spend less time reading about scrapbooking (blogs, galleries, etc.) and more time actually scrapbooking (and cleaning house). I really believe though that part of the appeal of digital scrapbooking is in the community, the STRONG sense of community, of those who do it (or just collect digi-scrapping supplies, like I do ;o), but for someone like me who is EASILY distracted it's perhaps not a good is easy for me to get off on "rabbit trails" instead of doing what is most important to me and my family.

Why am I so easily distracted? Is it my personality type - sanguine - "I just want to have fun" type personality? Most likely, but what can be done to overcome this? Something to ponder...

This is kind of a weird layout I guess and here is why:

My daughter took this picture. Okay, before I get asked what type of filter was used on the picture, I'll confess...none! This is what happens when a teenager gets bored at work and SCANS HER FACE on the scanner! She then added the scripture (so I have no idea what font she used) and posted it on her myspace. I loved the soft ethereal quality so had to make a layout!

Janel Kretschman My Daughter's Playclothes; paper
Overlay and Spring Spreys by Fhung Lie at Ztampf!

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