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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am trying to RAWk!

I talked last year about my love of eating raw foods. Seriously, eating raw foods has literally changed my life (see my very rough website www[dot]brettaogburn[dot]com.) I started eating cooked foods again a few weeks before we left for Mexico because A) I didn't have a choice of what to eat for meals there as they were provided for us B) I couldn't just eat raw fruits, vegetables, salads there as they wash their produce in their water and even a tiny microorganism can make you sick in their water C) I knew it would be easier while traveling. Well, now I have been back from Mexico for a few weeks and am still eating some cooked foods. The stupid thing is it's all about instant gratification! I have ENJOYED the taste of the cooked foods. BUT, last night we ate at Golden Corral on the way home from the airport and although I ate mostly raw foods, the cooked food I did eat just suddenly didn't taste as good next to the raw food! That's a good thing for me! The other stupid thing about continuing to eat cooked food is that I DON'T feel as good. My PMS was a nightmare this month and I NEVER have any PMS when I'm eating raw. My joints hurt again. I don't sleep as well. Some of the 65 pounds I lost last year are coming back. Generally, Ward said my disposition is not as pleasant either (okay, those weren't his EXACT words...haha...not even close really as the word "grouchy" was definitely mentioned more than once last week)

So, it all boils down to self-discipline and putting aside the desire to "live in the moment." Maybe that is part of the distraction thing I talked about earlier too. Living in the moment with no thought to future consequences. Ouch, scary stuff there! I'm going to keep thinking on this one. Maybe I'm putting off further contemplation at the moment by saying that, trying to ease the burden of conscience right now...

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Misty said...

You are my hero...LOL I can't stop eating ice cream much less cooked food! How did you start... just cold turkey? Anyway.. I hope you keep doing well. Especially if it makes ya feel so good!

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