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Monday, September 25, 2006

Two weddings

Yep, we attended two weddings on Saturday.

Jimmy & Madge were married at 5 pm. Okay, TECHNICALLY, they were pronounced husband and wife at 5:13 pm...I'm a dork, but someone looked at their watch when WE were married and told us we were officially married at 5:26 yeah, I'm the dork who always looks at her watch when the preacher says "man and wife" Anyway, we are so excited for their new life together in Jesus. Jimmy has been sort of a "third son" over the last few years, hanging out with our family and extended family. He's a great guy and we're thrilled he has found his soulmate.

And then Tonya & Christopher were married at 7 pm. Okay, 7:43 pm to be exact. We've known Tonya since she was just a little peanut with a head full of golden curls. She was such a doll and I always said she was going to be GORGEOUS when she got older and I was right!

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Andrea* said...

Look at those beautiful brides! Awesome! And THANKS for the Gorilla Bread recipe... it deffinitely looks like a Must Try!

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