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Friday, October 20, 2006

Long post with lots of layouts

Well, well, well, time flies when you're having fun! Busy, busy, busy! Since we last spoke, I have succeeded in taking my family on a vacation, which just never happens! Our friend, Richard, flew in from Australia on business and instead of flying into the Atlanta airport as usual, he flew in to Greensboro, NC, where we picked him up to spend a few days at my aunt's vacation home in NC. Lovely, lovely time. Lots of card playing of all sorts...Hearts, Knock Poker, No Name, Princes and Paupers. Games of Dominoes and Balderdash. Relaxing and fun! Richard being the shrewd, cunning, mathematical, card-counting sort came out on top in the "games won" category, but we gave him a good run for his money. No one plays cards with Richard in Oz because he's so shrewd and clever, so he comes here once a year to get a good dose of competition. I'm extremely competitive, so all he REALLY cares about is getting a higher score than me, whether he wins or not!

We had NO cell phone service anywhere in the area where we were staying. What bliss to not have Ward's phone ringing every five minutes! He got lots of rest while we were away!

I'm back to eating raw food only starting today. So far its been so refreshing. I didn't eat until I was hungry this morning which was around lunchtime, when I had two oranges. Then I got busy in the kitchen making myself some raw treats to help stave off any cravings that might arise. I made onion bread, corn chips, carrot-pecan burgers, mock salmon pate (what I munched on for lunch) and date/nut torte. My dehydrator is buzzing away in the kitchen and the smells are wonderful! I still want coffee, but hey, I'll live without it!! Drinking lots of water instead. Made Avocado Chutney to go with some of the corn chips that were done around the edges of the dehydrator trays. Yummy! I could live on that stuff!

And finally, I leave you with several layouts for your viewing pleasure! Click on the pictures to see credits:

My winning entry in the Ztampf Birthday Card Contest is next. I won 3 full size kits of my choice, a special surprise gift (which I haven't received yet...I think that will come at the end of their birthday month) and 50% off the store for an entire year! I'll probably own everything Fhung Lie puts out by the end of the year LOL. My other two entries are also shown.

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