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Friday, April 06, 2007


We snuck back into town early yesterday morning. But our business is officially still closed until Monday, so we are still on vacation, just doing things around the house that need attention. We had a lovely time away, just not long enough! I could use a couple of weeks of idyllic peace and quiet like we had in Sparta. Seriously, one morning I got up early and was reading my Bible in the living room and my ears started ringing. I realized that it was that "silence is deafening" phenomenon. It was so surreal. I have only experienced that before in the outback of Australia. While in Sparta we had a blessed respite from the battles we have been facing. Spiritually refreshing!

We pretty much stayed "home" other than going to town for groceries. One evening we headed south on the Blue Ridge Parkway (which was a couple of "blocks" from the house) looking for a place to shoot some family photos. We ended up at a historical cabin "The Brinegar Cabin" and here are some of the shots we took. The family ones weren't terrific but still satisfactory!

These are unedited as my monitor "blew" as I turned it off to leave for vacation. It's been slowly dying for six months or so. That means no scrapping until I get a new one as it is painfully slow to try to scrap on my laptop. I was determined to scrap some CT requirements while I was away even though it is slow, but of the eight discs I burned to take with me, only four would read on my laptop...of course the ones that would read had NONE of my CT products on them. Sigh!
I have a 22" monitor picked out, just trying to convince Ward I "need" one that big! Anyway...back to the pictures
(What is that white spot in the upper right corner??)


Kat said...

Hi Bretta - stopped by from Nina's Ct to read about your vacation! Wow those pics are wonderful! I am so glad you had a good time. I agree that we are so used to the noise of everyday life - that the quiet moments at first are a little startling...but I know I miss them the minute they are gone :-)

Melanie said...

SO glad to hear you guys had a great time! :) You have some gorgeous pics here, girl! What a beautiful family!!

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